Company Information

Enterprise Communications Group Ltd. (founded in 2006 by Siemens Enterprise Communications Ltd.) is a leading integrator of the latest information and communication technologies. The majority of major government and business organizations in Bulgaria use these technologies to organize their transport networks aloud and data for the implementation of information systems and data centers to build centers for customer service and more.

In order to expand its global coverage through leading partnerships and to provide customers and partners with better market opportunities in May 2011 Siemens Enterprise Communications Gmbh&Co, global supplier of enterprise communications apply a global program for conversion of current business models in more than 20 countries worldwide. As part of this initiative Siemens Enterprise Communications EOOD in Bulgaria is now an independent company with the new name of the company – Enterprise Communications Group Ltd.

Enterprise Communications Group offers an innovative portfolio from the products, systems and services, including:

Design, supply, installation and maintenance of communication systems
Multimedia solutions for transmission aloud, data and video
Solutions Unified Communications and Interaction (UCC- UnifiedCommunicationsandCollaboration)
Solutions for centralized and distributed enterprise voice communications (Cloud, VoIP, converged TDMi)
Multimedia centers for customer service
Hardware and software multimedia terminals (telephone terminals, software clients)
Warning of the population from disasters and accidents
Systems for dispatch centers
Solutions for corporate networks and security
Potential and existing customers Counseling in terms of optimization of existing communication and information infrastructure
Converged solutions for unified communications centers for customer service, voice communications and data networks for small and medium-sized enterprises and others
Information security systems
Software development
Construction of data centers and information systems
Design, supply, construction and legalization of optical networks

The head office

The head office of the company is in the city. Floor 1 | MM Business Center | 251G, Okolovrasten pat str. | Mladost 4 district | 1715 Sofia | Bulgaria, the company has a well-developed dealer network covering the territory of both Bulgaria and Macedonia. The competitive advantages of the company due to their own development and commissioning of products and services specifically designed to meet customer needs in an innovative, secure and flexible manner, as well as guaranteed quality – company policies and work organization are in accordance with the requirements of the implemented modules:

  • We offer to each client a plan to provide the necessary resources – human, material, technical;
  • We have our own lab to simulate the problems, preparation for deployment of new versions or training;
  • We do continuous monitoring of individual components of the client IT system;
  • Training enabling closer profiling service personnel;
  • Processing service cases by taking them from different levels of technical support according to the complexity of the problem;
  • Permanent control compliance provisions of the standard;
  • Recording the processing of service requests in electronic database system.

Enterprise Communications Group is a member of AMCHAM, Association of Telecommunications, Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF), ACIS and German-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.

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