Software Development

In the field of software applications Enterprise Communications Group offers to the customers complete solutions for efficient, optimal, productive work. Software tools allow companies to implement automated network management, management of user data, warehouse operations and solutions for efficient use of the IT resources and communications. Our software engineers adapt solutions to the specific business processes of the client, analyze and optimize applications and integrate them into the user’s IT environment. The software is updated in accordance with dynamic business environment and customer’s requirements.

The solutions include:

  • Client – server applications;
  • Unified Communications Applications;
  • Surveillance applications;
  • Security applications;
  • Optimization of main/highway (WAN) networks

When your business is specific and the standard software solutions cannot fulfill your requirements – you need specialized custom software, developed specifically for you. As our client, you will get from us exactly the software you need. Our efforts are aimed at creating quality solutions, which to be used intuitively and easily by experts in different areas, not just IT professionals. The technologies, which we use for software development, provide flexibility and opportunities for future applications development.