Enterprise Communications Group is a company whose understanding of successful business includes activities as a prerequisite for project management. In the process of its development company enriches the practice of this discipline by making it apply in the implementation of its ongoing projects in the field of information technology, systems integration, construction of passive optical networks and system integrator and others.

Effective management and use of project resources by methods of project management – (initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring and control, completion), ensure that the main goal of each project will be achieved: its successful realization according to the predefined parameters.

Enterprise Communications Group is a company open to the use of all internationally standardized methodologies for project management like (IPMA, PMI, PRINCE, APMG, etc.). In 2012, the company actively participates in the work of the national expert group at the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization to support the adoption of the international standard ISO 21500: 2012 “Guidance on project management”.

Project management affects all aspects of the company’s operations, including internal projects and successfully applied in the construction and maintenance of complex systems and solutions, fiber networks and others. Project managers in the company are certified with extensive professional experience, including the implementation of projects financed by the European Commission.

In general, project activities are divided in stages that match to the sequence of the technical implementation of the projects:

  • System design and / or preparation of technical project;
  • Supply and logistics equipment and materials;
  • Installation work – mechanical assembly, loading system software, applications and databases;
  • System integration – connection of individual subsystems and network interfaces;
  • Operation and maintenance – maintenance concept during warranty and post warranty period.

Implemented a common methodology for project management maintains information about ongoing development projects in the company, providing visibility of the parameters of their implementation and ensure successful communication between all interested parties on individual projects. The experience gained is applied in new projects as part of the company’s desire to meet new business challenges.

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