Audit of Information Systems


Audit of Information Systems

Enterprise Communications Group offers a detailed inventory, management information processes and related resources to provide the information necessary for the successful implementation of the objectives of the organization in order to achieve the objectives and results.

The leading role in the management of information processes has business requirements – the goal is to provide information necessary to satisfy these requirements. The audit, which the company offers is conditioned by many factors, such as regulations, internal rules for the management of information systems criticality of IT to business and others.

Activities related to the audit of the systems include:

  • Analysis of the established practices and procedures for servicing;
  • Review of maintenance records – available documentation, statistics, traceability;
  • Prepare a list of recommendations for improvements and optimization according ITSM / ITIL V3;
  • Check the current vulnerability and degree of susceptibility to external threats by launching specialized software;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Prepare a list of policies, procedures and instructions to improve security.

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