Situational Centers

The proposal of the Enterprise Communications Group for Situation Centre is an innovative system for incident management that integrates all the tools necessary for the management and control of resources.

Accents (headlines)
  • Integrated management and control of available resources;
  • Flexible adaptation to customer’s requirements;
  • Efficient management of the resources;
  • Consolidation of all types of communication systems;

The solution for Situation Centre provides a platform for management and control that enables configuration of different systems, such as: emergency telephone, digital or analog radio communications with the intervention forces, recorders, video surveillance, email, signals from the automatic signaling systems and etc.

Effective and easy work

The solution fully meets all specific security policies. It has built in scenarios to determine appropriate actions and countermeasures for daily management and time-critical processes, as well as management and response to crisis and emergency situations. Communication with customers is supported by pre-defined questions and answers, in order to get the most important information within the shortest time, by drastically reducing errors in the process of decisions making.

Advanced Visualization

The solution for Situational Center has fully integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) and provides full situational review. The locations of the incidents and the actual positions of the resources are automatically displayed in 2D or 3D maps. There is a choice of routes as is calculated and displayed the best route to the incident.

Short reaction time of the forces for intervention

The decision for the Situation Centre offers a fully integrated module for controls of the resources or response forces. The solution supports tasking, by offering the most appropriate resources. During the operation maintain two-way communication with the reaction forces and displays their status in real time.