Students from the Professional High School of Electrical Engineering and Automation took part in the internship program of Enterprise Communications Group

In July, students in the 10th and 11th grade of the Professional High School of Electrical Engineering and Automation took part in the annual internship program of the Enterprise Communications Group. The program provided the young participants with the opportunity to touch real business processes and gain valuable practical knowledge and experience in the various departments of the company.

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The interns felt the dynamics and work process of all departments in the company, becoming direct witnesses and participants in the diverse processes of project implementation.

  • Department “Logistics” – During their work in the logistics department, the interns were introduced to the key processes of material and inverter management, national and international supply and resource coordination. They became part of the planning and organization of equipment deliveries to customers and projects, experiencing real situations and challenges and getting to know the company’s warehouse base.
  • Sales department – Being part of the sales department, the participants of the internship program got to know the processes related to sales and customer service. The program helped develop their communication and presentation skills, pushing them out of their comfort zone. The interns also visited the Institute of Robotics at the BAS, where they had the opportunity to meet their team on the development of professional and specialized drones, as well as to see the mobile robot based on the “Hall effect”, which reaches the so-called temperature “absolute zero”, namely -273.15°C.
  • Assembly and installations department – The students had the opportunity to understand what work is behind the implementation of a large-scale project. They touched the processes of installation and installation of communication systems, becoming part of real installation activities. The trainees took part in the process of connecting equipment and solving problems in a real setting, which gave them a chance to feel the dynamics of the work process. This practical experience is essential for engineering professions.
  • Implementation department – Becoming part of the company’s Project Implementation department, the interns saw the dynamic environment of project management up close. They were involved in the planning, coordination and monitoring of projects for the implementation of communication solutions. Working with deadlines, budgets and teams helped them develop skills such as organization and management, which are key to any career path.
  • Department “Service” – The internship program also introduced the participants to the role of the “Service” department, whose function is to maintain and manage the already functioning communication systems and equipment. They were able to understand what it really means to guarantee the continuous operation of technological solutions, meeting all technical challenges.
  • Within the framework of the internship, the participants also gained basic knowledge about base stations, as well as their contribution to wireless communications. They understood how stations actually functioned, what components they were made of, and how communication networks were built.

The internship program at Enterprise Communications Group combines theoretical aspects with practical knowledge necessary for a successful career. The program not only provided an opportunity to acquire new skills, but also created opportunities to collaborate with professionals from different fields. Participants successfully completed the program with enriched knowledge and skills, introducing them to the challenging world of telecommunications.

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During the subscription service maintenance Enterprise Communications Group Ltd. has proven that it has technically trained professionals who have demonstrated knowledge of the integrated system in a professional and timely solved issues raised during its operation.

D. Strumenlieva
Director, Coca Cola HBC Bulgaria